Impact windows are essential in any area that has high winds or hurricanes. Making the right decisions when it comes to choosing your impact windows is important as they help to protect your home and your family. The choice for most people comes down to vinyl or aluminum.

Is it better to have vinyl or Aluminum impact windows?
Although both options come in many styles and designs, there are some major differences between the two. The first thing you will want to consider is the strength of the window.

When it comes to strength, Aluminum impact windows win hands down as it is stronger than vinyl and has a higher impact ratio. However, Vinyl is not too far behind, and it can be reinforced with interlocking sashes if need be.

If it is energy efficiency that you seek then vinyl impact windows are the most energy-efficient of the two. Aluminum windows may not be as energy efficient, but they do conduct heat and help to heat up a room, a useful feature in the winter. Despite the popular opinion that vinyl does not cope well in heat, vinyl impact windows do not warp in extreme heat making them as strong as Aluminum in hot conditions.

When you consider the overall look of an impact window you will find it is easy to notice wear and tear, like chips and dents, in Aluminum windows. However, with a vinyl window, this kind of wear is well hidden due to the material being consistent all the way through.

Because corrosion is an issue for Aluminum windows, they require a lot of regular maintenance. Vinyl, on the other hand, is virtually maintenance-free.

Of the two, Aluminum impact windows cost more.

In Summary
Vinyl is cheaper, looks better, can cope with as much heat as Aluminum and takes less maintenance to keep top-notch. So, one would think that this is the overall better option.

However, while Aluminum impact windows require more maintenance, cost substantially more, and lose design points on the visibility of wear and tear, it is also the stronger of the two.

Vinyl is a great option; it is strong and looks good.

Aluminum is stronger and can protect your home against more.

What you chose for your home may depend on what your home has to deal with year in and year out.

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