Everyone loves the sunshine, especially when it is pouring into your home and providing you with natural light. That is why, when upgrading your windows to impact windows you want to make sure that you are not losing any of the natural light that brightens up your home. Do Impact windows improve or reduce the lighting in your home? Consider the following.

Impact Windows VS Hurricane Shutters
An impact window can withstand a hurricane without the need for shutters. Shutters, when in use, block out all-natural light. An impact window does not block out any in this scenario.

True, there is not usually a lot of natural light during a hurricane, but hurricane shutters are something that you will close ahead of the hurricane darkening your home before the hurricane even arrives. In this department, the impact window is the better option.

Impact Window Sizes
These windows come in all sorts of shapes and sizes while still providing the best defense against a hurricane. You can have a picture window taking up most of one wall that will still defend against the incoming storm without the need for boards or shutters.

Window placement and window size, when you get the most use out of them, can let in the maximum amount of natural light.

Do You Lose any Natural Light with Impact Windows?
No, you do not lose any natural light when installing impact windows. If anything, they give you the opportunity to maximize your home’s brightness potential.

Make Your Home Brighter with G&R
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