Like their window counterparts, impact doors are a combination of practical solution and stunning design. Traditional doors cannot match their endurance under severe storm conditions. They also help you keep money in your wallet, where it belongs. Over the years, impact doors will return your investment many times as they enhance your sense of safety and security and increase the value of your home.

Impact doors are more secure
The same doors that keep unwanted, windblown debris out of your house will also keep intruders away.

Most burglars want easy targets. Impact doors are manufactured and reinforced in such a way that the glass is difficult to shatter, thus denying intruders an entry point into your home.

Impact doors stand up to the weather
When your neighbors are frantically installing plywood and metal protection grilles to protect their doors during the hurricane season, you can rest easy knowing your impact doors have been storm-tested.

Impact doors can resist 125-mile-per-hour winds. They aren’t going to be blown off of their hinges, which is important.

Missing doors and the increase in pressure they cause inside your home are one of the chief reasons roofs are blown off. This in turn results in more structural damage and higher repair costs.

Flying debris can also injure anyone in your house. Impact doors will not shatter under high pressure or heavy winds sending dangerous glass shards or other objects into your home.

Impact doors keep your premiums low
Insurers love impact doors. In fact, they love anything that lowers risk. Impact doors reduce the likelihood your home will sustain serious damage.

Lowered risk means lower premiums for you on your home insurance.

Impact doors insulate your home
You won’t just be able to count the dollars impact doors save you, you’ll be able to sit back and relax in the comfort they provide.

Like impact windows, they also come double-paned with gas interlays that reduce conditioned air loss. The heat remains where it needs to be when it’s cold outside. Meanwhile, your AC functions more efficiently in the summer, keeping your home cool without overworking.

Because they are customizable, you can also have your impact doors coated so that they protect against harmful UV rays as well as block excess heat and light from entering your home.

Impact windows block noise
You’re all for a sense of community, but not if the sound of it is always in your home. Tired of hearing your neighbor’s dog at night while you’re trying to sleep? What about neighborhood kids playing a game of basketball further down the street?

Because they are double-paned, impact doors can reduce ambient noise between 50 and 65 percent, even more, when paired with impact windows.

Impact doors increase the value of your home
If you’re thinking about selling your home one day, installing impact doors is a solid investment.

Because of all the benefits they convey, home buyers are eager to purchase homes that have them already installed. They accrue all these advantages, plus they save on renovation costs if they don’t have to replace traditional doors. Many areas require that impact doors be installed to bring a house up to code.

Impact doors also add curb appeal. Curb appeal raises the value of your home.

Your door is one of the first things people notice about the exterior of your home. Think of how many times you’ve driven past homes outfitted with stylish, modern, and sleek impact doors wishing you lived there. Imagine someone driving past your home and thinking the same thing.

A bank of stately impact doors can be that element that sells your house for you at an increased price point.

Feel free to contact us to find out how much more the right impact doors can do for your home.