Replacing old windows can feel like waste, especially in a world where recycling and protecting our earth is at the forefront of our minds. Replacing old windows does not have to be wasteful, in fact, they can even make you some money back on your impact window investment. Here’s how.

Can You Keep the Old Windows?
Many companies now include the taking away of your old windows in their installation deals. However, you do not have to allow your contractor to take them away. Having your window installation company take away your windows is optional.

Companies often arrange to take your windows with them and give them to specialist recycling services. Some companies charge for service, while others do not. In either case, you can choose to keep your windows.

What to do with an Old Window
While there is convenience to be found in allowing the contractors to take your windows away for you, you can use them to raise a little money.

Sell Them
Who would want to buy old windows?

There are a few reasons someone would:

  • Craft projects
  • Art/Glass Sculptures
  • Creating large dollhouse places for children
  • Indoor decorating
  • Buying old windows works out cheaper than buying a pane of glass for a home project. This means that many handy DIYers and crafters will be on the lookout for the bargain buy of an old window or two.

Did you know you can use an old glass pane to frame artwork? You only need to make the wood and the backing. But how can framing art make you money?

If you go on a site like eBay and look for home artwork, it is the pieces that are framed that sell for the better price. So, if you have some old artwork lying around why not frame it and sell it at a premium? Your art doesn’t have to be drawings, they can be photographs, paintings, or even decoupage (3d art can look great behind glass).

You don’t even need to add art. There are many people who will buy the window with a new clean frame on it for their own artwork.

Resurfacing with Old Panes
Glass panes can be expensive, reusing the glass to resurface a table can save you some good money. It can also increase the value of the table if it is one you are currently looking to sell. This works best for smaller tables unless your windows were once picture windows.

Note, you will need special glass-cutting tools to cut your panes to the size you need if you want to avoid glass shattering while you work.

Make Furniture to Sell
Alternatively, you can make a brand-new table. You already have the glass top, after all. All it will need is some legs and something to hold the glass top in place.

If you are really creative, you can cut a hole in the center of the table and balance it on a sculpture. Just make sure you do something to reinforce the edges if you take this table-making approach.

Vintage or Rustic Shelving
Vintage and rustic are the looks that are constantly coming back into fashion. You can use your old windows to create furniture, shelves, or other in-house items that reflect the look. Consider the following: a divider made from windows, a shower screen also made from windows, use the windows as glass doors for mini outdoor greenhouses, hang a window and call it art, or attach hooks and photos to them to turn them into an artful coat hanger/towel hanger.

All of these things can be of use around your own home or you can sell them for profit.

Create Your Own Artwork
Smash them, stain them, and piece them back together.

It sounds like a lot of work but if you are handy and have a knack for jigsaws you can make your own stained glass window mosaic. Large, beautifully done, and unique glass mosaics can sell for $100 or more to the right buyer.

Impact Windows Increase Your Home Security and Old Windows Make Money Back. Why Wait?

Impact windows not only increase the amount of hurricane protection inside your home, but they also increase your home’s value. Your windows may have been worth nothing to you before, but now they can fetch a price.

There is a lot to gain by replacing the old impact windows. If you would like a free estimate, contact us today. We have a friendly team of professionals always ready to answer any burning questions you may have or assist you in planning for your new windows.