The word “impact” is as versatile as the windows themselves. Stylish, strong, and cost-effective, if you’re thinking of replacing your traditional windows, there are several reasons why impact windows are the way to go.

Strong resale value
The first thing the installation of new impact windows is going to say to your neighbors is that you care about their property values and your own. Modern impact windows match practically any architectural style. Your home is not a distracting hodge-podge of looks that will bring its resale value down.

This isn’t the only reason the value of your home will increase. Most state governments give rebates and tax breaks for environmentally sound homes. Impact windows augment the energy efficiency of your home.

Most are double-paned, with a layer of gas in between. Others have an additional coating of UV protection. Together, these work to regulate the temperature in your home in the summer and winter months. The result is lower utility bills and less wear and tear on your HVAC system.

All of these qualities will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Increased protection
If you live in a hurricane or tornado belt, impact windows are an added layer of protection for your home. Currently, there is no glass on the market that won’t break with sufficient force. Impact windows have been proven to be significantly stronger in storm conditions.

Keeping your windows intact in bad weather is important. The change in internal air pressure can cause your roof to be blown off, worsening the damage to your home and increasing the chances of injury to your family. You can reduce the odds of this happening with impact windows.

They also offer increased protection against break-ins as they are harder for intruders to shatter.

The installation of impact windows is likely to go down well with insurers. Because your home is at lower risk for certain weather events and burglary, your premiums are likely to be lower.

The benefits of the added layers of glass and UV protection in impact windows are cooler temperatures in the summer, the lower transmission of light, and less use of the AC. You and your family aren’t going to be afraid of the sun during the hottest hours of the day.

Your home is a statement of your personal style. Choose impact windows that are most reflective of your tastes. Large and statuesque picture impact windows will provide beautiful vistas for you and your family to bond in the evenings. Or, choose the cozy, homey feel of traditional single-hung windows.

You’ve already seen some of the savings you can achieve with impact windows. Expanding on this point, consider what it could cost you to keep your regular windows, especially in the hurricane season. Is the potential loss of your home worth it?

While they may initially be more expensive per square foot than traditional windows, think of the potential for savings over the long run.

Peace of mind
Ultimately, your home is supposed to provide you with a sense of solidity, joy, and peace of mind. It’s the place where you nurture your family and your dreams. Impact windows keep the world outside and that which matters most safe within.

If you’d like to know more about these beautiful and durable additions to your home, reach out to us. We’re an experienced impact window and door installation company, with a wide range of options to choose from. Contact us today. Our qualified staff is waiting to hear from you.