Glass is an integral part of your home and office, serving important design and aesthetic functions. Modern technological advances mean that glass can be employed in uses that its delicacy prevented in the past.

Still, when you’re thinking about glass as a functional or decorative element, safety remains an issue. What type of glass should you get?

Tempered Glass vs. Annealed Glass
Glass is available in two general categories: tempered and annealed. Tempered glass is manufactured using extreme heat and rapid cooling. When it shatters, it breaks into small pebbles with smooth edges.

Once set, it can’t be worked into other shapes or forms because of the tempering process. It’s said to be between 4 to 5 times stronger than regular glass.

Annealed glass is what’s referred to as regular or traditional glass. It’s made at lower temperatures, using a slower process. The result is that it’s not as strong as tempered glass. When it breaks, it shatters into sharp shards that can cause serious injury or death.

Annealed glass can be cut and shaped into different forms and objects, making it more versatile.

Which is safer?
For smaller decorative items and items in areas that are not high traffic annealed glass might be better. If it breaks, smaller items in areas where few people go pose less threat.

Tempered glass is better for situations where the glass is in an external area. It’s also better to use a tempered version if the glass needs to cover a large area. Accidents are more likely to happen in places where large numbers of people pass. Tempered glass should be used here as well.

Some of the uses of tempered glass include car windshields and windows, kitchen appliances, railings, large tables, and countertops. Each application listed requires strength, heat resistance, and durability. These are all qualities that add to tempered glass’ overall safety.

For Your Home
Think of the risks that your home could potentially be exposed to extreme weather, burglary, or even neighborhood accidents.

Ask yourself, which type of glass you want to use in which locations to protect against each threat. Which type of glass makes sense in a particular application?

Once you’ve done that, it’s time to give a professional installation company a call.

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