Want an environmentally friendly roof that saves money on energy, is durable, and is budget-friendly? Then you can’t get any better than metal.

Metals storm roofs are a great alternative to other materials. They have always been one of the top choices for homeowners who are looking for a better way to protect their homes from harsh weather conditions. Metal roofs are an attractive option because they offer both beautiful looks and excellent resistance against the elements.

Metal Storm Roofs Offer Better Protection Against Storms
A metal roof can withstand between 140-160 mph winds. They can also withstand extreme temperatures and can resist hail and water damage. Metal’s streamlined surface means there’s less dangerous air pressure build-up on or under the roof.

Once installed correctly, their protection will endure over many seasons since the materials they are constructed with are more durable and longer lasting. Some metal roofs can last up to 70 plus years or even longer.

Aluminum, for example, is strong and lightweight. This makes it easier to work with and install. It also resists rust better, which is good news If you live near the beach. Copper and zinc roofs are also good choices for this reason.

Stainless steel is best if you need maximum protection against hurricane impact. It’s the strongest, least likely to be dented of the group.

Metal is the Environmentally Friendly Choice
In addition to providing you with additional protection during extreme weather, you can rest knowing you aren’t harming the environment with your metal roof.

Metal roofing is recyclable up to 100 percent and in some cases is made with up to 25-40 percent recycled materials.

While asphalt roofing may cost less than metal, it requires far more maintenance over the years. Their production and recycling are also very dangerous to the environment, with carcinogens being released into the air.

Recycling metal is less damaging to the environment because it consumes less energy than extracting ore and manufacturing new metal. The planet’s non-renewable metal ores are preserved longer.

A Variety of Designs and Colors are Available
You hear metal and you’re probably thinking of boring sheet gray. If you’re into that, you can get it. But you can also have your roof in almost any color you like. Because metal takes paint well, you can also custom color your roof.

Plus metal comes in different shapes, so you can choose what you need, whether it’s metal shaped to look like tile or shingles, corrugated iron, or standing seam.

Metal is Energy Efficient
The trick here is to get metal roofing with specialized coatings that reflect infrared heat back into the sky.

It’s estimated that this alone will keep your home 12 degrees Fahrenheit cooler. This means your air conditioning won’t be working as hard to keep your home cool, which keeps your utility bills down in the summer.

With the right insulation, a metal roof will also consistently and evenly distribute heat across your home lowering your heating bills in winter.

A Metal Storm Roof May Increase the Value of Your Home
If you’re thinking about selling, you save a potential buyer the inconvenience and cost of replacing your older roof with a metal one. They’ll be willing to pay more for that.

Depending on where you live, you may also be entitled to tax breaks and other benefits because of your metal roof.

Even though initially your metal roof may be more expensive, over time it will pay back the investment you make.

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