Where the average door is generally made with steel, an insulating filler, and wood, an impact door is created quite differently. Impact doors are made of materials that have been specifically tested against severe weather conditions.

If you had to take a hurricane impact door apart, you would find a combination of fiberglass skins, polyurethane foam cores, as well as wood and composite reinforcements. These specialized doors are also installed with reinforced hinges and stronger door frames to fully protect your home in a hurricane or severe Florida storm.

When built with quality and superior protection in mind, an impact door can withstand winds of up to 200mph, while also reducing energy consumption and noise within your home.

It should be noted that not all impact doors are the same. Some doors may be built with stronger materials, but this doesn’t mean they can withstand a hurricane. This is why it’s essential to only purchase a door from a trusted supplier and manufacturer. Having a professional install the door correctly also makes a significant difference in the protection it can provide.

If you are looking for a high-quality hurricane impact door that won’t cost you the earth, contact G&R for a free estimate – we assist all of South Florida with product sourcing and installation.