Buying Impact Windows and Doors is a costly investment, but a worthwhile one. It can protect your home and your family when the storm hits. It is because Impact products protect so much and cost a fair bit that it is important to get it right the first time when purchasing them.

When looking to buy impact products consider the following 6 areas to ensure that your home has the best protection.

Do the Impact Windows and Doors Meet the Building Code for Your Area?
Every area has a building code that must be met. Speak to your local county to discover what your building code is. If you live in the Miami-Dade area, then you will need your impact products to be Miami-Dade code certified as it is an HVHZ area.

A Miami-Dade Code test guarantees the product is resistant to the severe weather conditions of the area.

It is important to ensure that the impact windows and doors you purchase meet the codes for your area, otherwise, you could be left with impact products that are not strong enough to deal with the hurricanes that sweep through your county.

Are the Impact Windows and Doors Built for the Right Category?
The Florida Building Code requires all homes to have impact windows of at least a level 2 category (safe up to speeds of 110mph). However, different areas of Florida have different categories of storms. Not all building codes are as strict as Miami-Dade County, so it is important for you to know what category of hurricanes you need protection against.

While Impact windows with protection against a Category 2 may protect a home in Orlando, Central Florida, you will need much higher protection in the Northwest of Florida.

Does Your Home Insurance Have Impact Window and Door Requirements?
Your home insurance can help you decide on the type of impact windows and doors to purchase. Check with your home insurance provider for the following:

  • Do they reduce the home insurance premium if you get certain types of impact windows or doors?
  • What level impact window or door do they prefer under your home insurance contract?
  • Is there a level or type of impact window or door that would prevent them from paying out insurance if it is needed?
  • Do you need proof of the Impact products being installed by a professional?

These questions can give you a better understanding of what a home insurance company expects of you. It can also reduce your premium and make things run smoother if you ever need to cash in on that insurance due to storm damage.

Consider the Frames of the Impact Windows and Doors
No matter how strong your impact glass is, if you don’t have a strong frame then things will break. An impact window or door is only as strong as the frame holding it in place. If a frame is broken the air pressure in your house will rise. 

This can then damage glass, roofs, or walls, costing a fortune to replace or repair.

Aluminum Frames are among the best frame types for impact products as they are three times as strong as vinyl.

You will also want to consider the pieces that connect your windows and doors to the framing. Ensure that this hardware is durable and resistant to corrosion.

What Style Will Suit Your House Best
You will also want to consider the overall look of your home. There are many styles of impact windows and doors that are available to you, it is not all about functionality.

If you have an old-style house you may not want to change the look with modern windows or doors. To increase the safety of your home while keeping the look you fell in love with, consider traditional single-hung windows with a wood-clad frame. For a home with a modern look, consider PVC hurricane doors with Impact Picture Windows for that clean-cut look.

Warranty, Quality, and Insurance
Finally, you are going to need to consider the installation of the impact windows.

Ideally, you will have the help of someone with a quality guarantee, a warranty on the windows and doors as well as the parts, and insurance in case anything goes wrong.

It is also wise to check the reviews and licensing of any company that you consider. In this way, you can ensure that you are getting the highest quality Impact Windows and Doors at the fairest price.

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